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If you have any questions about the Nollning 2012 do not hesitate to contact us.
The e-mail is

More info about Nollningen, Halmstad and Sweden is coming soon. Stay tuned! ;)

Halmstad City

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A - Högskolan (Uni) - This is where you spend the days when you're not in a party mood ;)
B - Halmstad innerstad (Town center) - In the town center you find the shops, cafés, pubs and the liqour.
C - Tåg station (Train station) - From here you can catch a train to Gothenburg or Malmö and Copenhagen.
D - Bolmens (dorm) - The biggest student area. Quite big patch of grass and a lot of pre parties ;)
E - Krusbäret (dorm) - Student rooms - quite cheap and the most of xchange students live there.
F - Arenan (Sport court) - A place for those who like sports.
G -Gamletull (dorm) - Student area near center
H - Östra stranden (dorm and beach) - A nice place to hang around in the summer with a big beach to relax on.
I - Eurostop (A simple shopping center) - If you're tired of the town center shops you can go there instead
J - Örjans vall (Football stadium) - This is where Halmstad BK and IS Halmia plays their games in football.
K - Flygplatsen (Airport) - Most domestic flights, but some internationell...
L - Nyhem (dorm) - Student home and pre-party area with bbq and beachvolley ;)

Welcome to Halmstad!!

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Hi everyone!
Welcome to Halmstad! This is our blog where we'll post some fun stuff about Halmstad, University, Sweden and the Nollning. Here you'll also get important information about the city and how it is to live in Sweden and what you might expect.

It'll be lots of fun to have you around and we hope you'll like it here. This was just a small introduction and we'll write more very soon ;)

See you later!