The end of Nollning 2012

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Sadly, all good things come to an end. Today was the last day of the Nollning and we spend it together at Picasso park to see the Regatta. You aliens did really good! Although you didnt win we are very proud of all of you. We also had a little surprise for you and that was to see Papparazzi, Kapten Morgan and Playboy as themselves. Then we gave out an award for the winners of the treasure hunt and lastly, you got to say goodbye to the head crew and all other crew members for the last time.
Tonight we have the formal dinner and we want to see ALL of you at the botplats at 16:00, 4 p.m, even if you are not going. We will have a final surprize for you there and then we're gonna have a big ending to the nollning. Dont forget your ID and your tickets.
Finally, we would like to thank all you incredible aliens for these amazing 10 days. We hope you had just as mutch fun as we did!
♥  The Crew


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Good evening!

Thanks for an other fun day! Tomorrow is the last day of the nollning. Sad but true I know. What we have left is regattan (the boat race), an awesome surprise and party for the most of you.
In the morning you can come to the botplats at 9 or the Picasso park at 9.30. We'll be done in the Picasso park around 2 p.m.
In the afternoon at 4 p.m. We want to see ALL of you at the botplats no matter if you are going to the formal dinner, the after party or not at all. Everyone is welcome!

Our timeline in the afternoon is VERY tight so it's very important that you show up in time. With that I mean 3.50-4.00!

Tomorrow I going to be a great day, I promise!

According to the weather rapports the weather tomorrow is going to be pretty nice.

Sleep well aliens!


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If you are going to the pubround in city tonight, we meet 15.00 at Botplats
We will give information about tomorrow and Saturday so even if you will not go to pubround you are welcome. There is no chance to pay for the pubround at 15.00 so if you haven't payed you can not participate. 
Nollepub tonight, yeyh!!! 21.00 at Botplats! Please behave! :)
Please bring 40 swedish corns, please no coins. This will be your last Nollepub and you will have the biggest surprice ever at 23.00. 
Tomorrow we will gather at Botplats at 09.00 and together walk to Picasso Park. There you will build a boxcar and also a raft, a boat that can float. At 16.00 we will compete with all other programs in a boxcar race at Stora Torg, the big square in city. We will have lunch for you. 
On Saturday we will gather at Botplats 09.00 and together walk to Picasso Park. We will give you breakfast and later you are going to compete with all other programs in a race with your raft. 
There are still some tickets left for the formal dinner and the after party. Hurry up guys! 
After the race on saturday we will meet in school at 16.00 and even if you don't have tickets we would love to see you there! It is the final mandatory thing we will do and maybe you can see us without wig and overall. 
Bus to Tylösand is included in the formal dinner ticket. For you who just are going to after party you can go by taxi (around 300 swedish crowns/car) or by bus.
Taxi phonenumber: +4635 12 34 56 or +4635 21 80 00
Bus nr30 22.10 from Österskans, arrives 22.34 at Tylösand
Bus nr30 22.40 from Österskans, arrives 23.04 at Tylösand 

Buses home from Tylösand to Österskans
The bus takes 20-30 minutes and costs about 50 swedish crowns and you can only pay by text message on your mobile or creditcard. 

xoxo /x-change Headcrew 

Call me a spaceman!

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Today was  another sunny day and we were very happy to see that some of you showed up this morning for some playtime with SPP, IVP and the mascots, after yesterdays nollepub. We were very very very proud of your behaviour yesterday night. After the playtime some more of you dropped in just in time for the rehersals for the gyckel, and then we walked to Amfi, and you got to perform you dance to the others programs. Although you did'nt win, you still perfomed very well! After a hot day in the sun, we gatherd in the shadow for a little surprice. Today you got to see what Dr.Pain, Pluto and Diggeridude really looks like! They are not going to be with us for the rest of the week, therefore we did it today. Then we send you of in the city where you had a treasure hunt is the city, designed by Playmate and Playboy.
Hopefully you are enjoying the nollning, there are not many days left so lets enjoy them to the fullest!
Here is your schedule for tomorrow:
09:00 - Botplats for IA service + Intro fair
12:00 - Break
15:00 - Botplats for some food and maybe some games
17:00 - Pub/Club tour in the city
19:30 - Break
21:30 - Botplats and then your last nollepub
The weather will be a little cloudy with a high of 19C and a low of 11C
Here are some pics from today :)
Pluto a.k.a Carl
Diggeridude a.k.a Nick
Dr.Pain a.k.a Malin

Important message from paparazzi

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After the nollning we are going to create a group on Facebook where Paparazzi is going to upload lots of photos from all the days. You will be able to share your photos too!

(Please scroll down for tomorrows schedule.)

Formal dinner

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Goddag Aliens!
We have some important information about the nollepub tonight.
~ You HAVE TO wear your nollemarkering or they will not let you in.
~ You will HAVE TO wear your nollemarkering all evening or you will get thrown out.
~ You need your ID to get in.
~ If you get too drunk, you will get thrown out.
~ If you missbehave you will get thrown out.
~ DO NOT touch people in overalls. This is very disrespecting!
~ Please DO NOT smoke inside. (There is an outdoors area on the second floor.)
If you want to go please be on the botplats at 9 p.m. Bring 40kr (has to be even and NO coins).
Tonight the finals in "bothäv" (finish a bottle as fast as you can). You were amongst the third best programs which means you made it to the finals and we are in it to win it!
"We are family and we've got all the aliens with us!"

Happy Midsummer!

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Today was a beautiful sunny day! In the morning you hopefully learned your lesson for how yo behaved at the first nollepub. We will see how you do tomorrow. Then you played a little bit with SATS and later we showed you around campus and some important places in Halmstad City. Then we gave you some time of to walk around in the center and later in the evening we celebrated a swedish tradition called Midsummer with HUM and MKV. You danced Små grodorna (Little frogs), played some games, did some aerobics with Kulturkungen and tasted some traditional swedish midsummer food. We hope you enjoyed it! Tomorrow you will have your registration and you don't have to go to the botplats in the morning. Insted you go to your classroom and we will meet you at the botplats at 13:00. Don't forget your nollemarkering! The weather tomorrow will be a little cloudy with a little rain in the evening. Here is your schedule for tomorrow
10:00 - Registration
13:00 - Botplats. Them we will walk to Amfi and Linehed for some games
18:00 - Break
21:00 Botplats and then you will have your second Nollepub
Hopefully you are enjoying the nollning as mutch are we are! Pictures from today will come tomorrow :)

Important info about the formal dinner on Saturday

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Good evening aliens!
Thanks for a great day. Some or a few of you showed up this morning for Swedish hour. I hope you learned some new Swedish words at least. After the break more of you showed up and helped us do very well in the relays. It took us all the way to the semifinals again. You did a really good job, especially for playing ghost ball for the first time.
Your friend Talal showed up in an orange suit and as a real alien. He told you that he is not really an exchange student. He's one of the crew members. The most of the things hes said about himself is true but the fact that he's an exchange student. The reason he's been on your side is because we want to make sure that you all are happy and pleased with your nollning. He could see and hear thing that we could not. Every program has at least one "fake student" in their group. He is still with us but is going to walk around in one of our white suits. If you have any questions about this or him, please don't hesitate to ask them. We are here for YOU!
About the formal dinner;
Appetizer; Bite size tapas
Main course; Corn chicken with a potato cake
Dessert; Brownie and Coffee
(A vegetarian option may be provided if needed. Please let us know this when you sign up for the dinner.)
You will get two drinking tickets and free entrance to the "party". The party is running until 3 a.m.
The dinner is going to be held at Hotel Tylösand. Its said to be one of the most beautiful hotels in Sweden. Hotel Tylösand is located about 10 km from downtown. There will be buses for you who wants to join the dinner. The buses leaves from the school at 6 p.m. However you will need to show up earlier than that. Please check the schedule for more information.
The price is 420SEK.
If you don't want to join the dinner but you do want to go to the party the tickets are 120SEK. There will not be any buses provided just for us so you will need to get yourself out there. One tips is public transportation. We can help you find the right buss for you if you want!
Schedule for tomorrow, Monday.
10 a.m. Botplatsen for a City tour
3.30 Break
5.30 Botplatsen for Midsummer (with other programs)
The day ends at around 10 p.m.
The weather is supposed to be sunny with a temperature of around 17C.

Aliens at the beach!

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When the sun is up, ofcourse you go to the beach! Today we went to beautiful Östra stranden (East beach) and played lots and lots of games and participated in many competitions. And you won all of them (ofcourse) so we are incredibly proud of you! Some of you even got surfing lessons and took a swim in ocean. We hope you enjoyed it. Later that day nobody wanted to play with AP/SVEP and SALP/SUP so they played alone while you where preparing or your first nollepub. We think you are going to have a very very good time!
Tomorrow its sunday and the weather will have a high of 18C and a low of 14C with a little rain and here is the schedule for tomorrow:
10:00 - Botplats for some games
12:00 - Break
13:30 - Botplats and then HSIF at the sport center
After that you will spend the evening with the överkursare. Hopefully you are still enjoying the nollning because we still have a lot of fun stuff planed for you!
Here are some pictures!


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Aliens, you are awesome!
Yesterday you did a whole lots of dancing in the morning. Than we walked over to the big park and "Amfiteatern" towatch nollningens inauguration. I know you didn't understand all that much, if you have any questions about it please come to us! After that you played burning balls and made it all the way to the semifinal good job! After the break we walked over to Bolmens to play games, chillaxing och eat pizza. Hope you enjoyed it!
Today aliens, you have a fun day ahead of you.
9 a.m. Botplatsen
10 a.m. Beachday
4 p.m. Break
7 p.m. Botplats, games with nollor at Bolmens.
8 p.m. Break
9 p.m. Botplats, nollepub (sergents are dancing)

Weathercast; Low 16C, High 19C. Partially sunny.
(So no rain like we expected. However please bring and extra sweater since it can be cooler by the water.)
P.s. pic from yesterday is coming up later on today!

The first day!

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Finally the nollning has started! We where very excited to meet you at Trade Center this morning and we where so happy to see that so many of you came. Today you met your crew and the head crew for the first time and you learned about the rules for The Nollning and you got to meet all of the other aliens. We also played some games with Playboy and Platmate and the day ended at the beach with a nice, relaxing BBQ. 
Here is the schedule for tomorrow:
09:30 - 11:00 BOTPLATS
11:00 - 12:30 BREAK
12:30 - 13:30  BOTPLATS 
13:30 - 17:30 AMFI AND LINEHED (games and inauguration)
17:30 - 19:00 BREAK
19:00 - 19:30 BOTPLATS
19:30 - 22:00 BOLMENS (games and pizza)

The wheather tomorrow will be pretty much the same as today, with a high of 19 degrees celcius and a low of 15 degrees with a small chance of rain so dress accordingly.
We can't wait to see you all tomorrow! 
// The Headcrew
Here are some pictures from today :)

Good morning nollor 2 b!

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Finally the day, that we've all been waiting for so long, is almost here! As you all might already have figured out, our weather can be quite diverse. Therefore we (the Headcrew) would like to ask you to carefully choose your clothes so that you stay warm and dry througout the days.
As of tomorrow, thursday 23nd, we have a weathercast looking like partially sunny with a high of 19C (66F) and low 16C (60F). So please remember an extra sweater!

We are all very very excited to meet all of you! 
Remember to look for our flag by Trade Center.


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On Thursday you will meet Mamma & Pappa (Mum & Dad) at TRADE CENTER 12.00
(not Botplats as it says on the schedule)
Register by saying your name to them, pay 300 SEK and follow their instructions! 
/ x-change Headcrew 


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