Straw Town

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Directly translated into English, Halmstad means Straw Town. And that's what today's entry is about.

If you click on the link above, you'll find a great site of Halmstad. 

Halmstad is famous for being one of the biggest "summer cities" in Sweden, where people gather during the whole summer to enjoy the nice weather and a cold beer. In the summer the city grows to become the 4th biggest in Sweden (normally it is the 20th biggest with about 57 000 inhabitants). In the autumn it's quite warm and during the winter it's not as cold as in the rest of the country.

Halmstad is home of some famous musicians, such as Basshunter and Roxette. Gyllene Tider is another band with Per Gessle from Roxette, but they only play Swedish songs. People around here are crazy about them.

BASSHUNTER på väg mot Englandstoppen – igen!

Some history facts:

Halmstad recieved it's first city charter in the year of 1307 and was a part of the Kingdom of Denmark at the time.
The St Nikolai church in the town center was built in the 15th century and about the same time Halland was the object of numerous battles, sieges and occupations by Swedish troops. However nowdays it's very peaceful around here and Halmstad is a proud part of Sweden.

Beach and stuff:

Tylösand is located right outside of Halmstad and is famous for its 7 km sand beach and crazy parties in the summer. It's a beach that you have to visit when you're here.
Another nice beach where you'll spend lots of time is Östra Stranden. It's located 10 minutes from uni and is quite popular.

Hotel Tylösand
Beach of tylösand


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