Welcome x-change students!

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As you might know we have pushed the limit and are now accepting more students to the Nollning then what we where told to do. This means we now are a very big group, at least a 100 students and because of this we assume you respect us in the x-change Headcrew (no matter what) and understand and respect the rules during the 10 days. We have accept you all to make you happy and because we want you all to feel welcome, we hope you appreciate this! 
Remember that all drugs (including hash and marijuana) are strictly forbidden in Sweden.
Don't forget to bring on your first day: 
- comfortable shoes
- clothes according to weather 
- clothes you don't mind getting dirty
- ID and letter for enrollment
- introduction fee in cash, 300 SEK
- money for snacks or various meals
- a banana if you get hungry
We are happy seeing you soon, welcome to Halmstad.

/X-change Headcrew 


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