Happy Midsummer!

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Today was a beautiful sunny day! In the morning you hopefully learned your lesson for how yo behaved at the first nollepub. We will see how you do tomorrow. Then you played a little bit with SATS and later we showed you around campus and some important places in Halmstad City. Then we gave you some time of to walk around in the center and later in the evening we celebrated a swedish tradition called Midsummer with HUM and MKV. You danced Små grodorna (Little frogs), played some games, did some aerobics with Kulturkungen and tasted some traditional swedish midsummer food. We hope you enjoyed it! Tomorrow you will have your registration and you don't have to go to the botplats in the morning. Insted you go to your classroom and we will meet you at the botplats at 13:00. Don't forget your nollemarkering! The weather tomorrow will be a little cloudy with a little rain in the evening. Here is your schedule for tomorrow
10:00 - Registration
13:00 - Botplats. Them we will walk to Amfi and Linehed for some games
18:00 - Break
21:00 Botplats and then you will have your second Nollepub
Hopefully you are enjoying the nollning as mutch are we are! Pictures from today will come tomorrow :)


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