Hello Aliens.

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We in x-change Headcrew are greatful for all your emails and very happy so many people are participating in the Nollning 2012. The majority of you will arrive to the Nollning on the first day and we will gather at Trade Center at 12.00.

For you that arrives later than August 23 there will not be a problem. We have our Botplats, the meetingspot during the 10 days and we will also post a schedule here on the blog. (see directions to Botplats in the video)

The weather in Sweden at the moment is very poor, it is raining a lot! We hope the wheater will be sunny all 10 days but be prepared and don't forget your raincoat!


This is our flag and we will always have it with us. 
You can look for it during the Nollning if you get lost.

We are very excited and looking forward seeing you soon, it is only 3 weeks left! 


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