Halmstad City

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A - Högskolan (Uni) - This is where you spend the days when you're not in a party mood ;)
B - Halmstad innerstad (Town center) - In the town center you find the shops, cafés, pubs and the liqour.
C - Tåg station (Train station) - From here you can catch a train to Gothenburg or Malmö and Copenhagen.
D - Bolmens (dorm) - The biggest student area. Quite big patch of grass and a lot of pre parties ;)
E - Krusbäret (dorm) - Student rooms - quite cheap and the most of xchange students live there.
F - Arenan (Sport court) - A place for those who like sports.
G -Gamletull (dorm) - Student area near center
H - Östra stranden (dorm and beach) - A nice place to hang around in the summer with a big beach to relax on.
I - Eurostop (A simple shopping center) - If you're tired of the town center shops you can go there instead
J - Örjans vall (Football stadium) - This is where Halmstad BK and IS Halmia plays their games in football.
K - Flygplatsen (Airport) - Most domestic flights, but some internationell...
L - Nyhem (dorm) - Student home and pre-party area with bbq and beachvolley ;)


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