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Today was  another sunny day and we were very happy to see that some of you showed up this morning for some playtime with SPP, IVP and the mascots, after yesterdays nollepub. We were very very very proud of your behaviour yesterday night. After the playtime some more of you dropped in just in time for the rehersals for the gyckel, and then we walked to Amfi, and you got to perform you dance to the others programs. Although you did'nt win, you still perfomed very well! After a hot day in the sun, we gatherd in the shadow for a little surprice. Today you got to see what Dr.Pain, Pluto and Diggeridude really looks like! They are not going to be with us for the rest of the week, therefore we did it today. Then we send you of in the city where you had a treasure hunt is the city, designed by Playmate and Playboy.
Hopefully you are enjoying the nollning, there are not many days left so lets enjoy them to the fullest!
Here is your schedule for tomorrow:
09:00 - Botplats for IA service + Intro fair
12:00 - Break
15:00 - Botplats for some food and maybe some games
17:00 - Pub/Club tour in the city
19:30 - Break
21:30 - Botplats and then your last nollepub
The weather will be a little cloudy with a high of 19C and a low of 11C
Here are some pics from today :)
Pluto a.k.a Carl
Diggeridude a.k.a Nick
Dr.Pain a.k.a Malin


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