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Aliens, you are awesome!
Yesterday you did a whole lots of dancing in the morning. Than we walked over to the big park and "Amfiteatern" towatch nollningens inauguration. I know you didn't understand all that much, if you have any questions about it please come to us! After that you played burning balls and made it all the way to the semifinal good job! After the break we walked over to Bolmens to play games, chillaxing och eat pizza. Hope you enjoyed it!
Today aliens, you have a fun day ahead of you.
9 a.m. Botplatsen
10 a.m. Beachday
4 p.m. Break
7 p.m. Botplats, games with nollor at Bolmens.
8 p.m. Break
9 p.m. Botplats, nollepub (sergents are dancing)

Weathercast; Low 16C, High 19C. Partially sunny.
(So no rain like we expected. However please bring and extra sweater since it can be cooler by the water.)
P.s. pic from yesterday is coming up later on today!


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