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Good evening!

Thanks for an other fun day! Tomorrow is the last day of the nollning. Sad but true I know. What we have left is regattan (the boat race), an awesome surprise and party for the most of you.
In the morning you can come to the botplats at 9 or the Picasso park at 9.30. We'll be done in the Picasso park around 2 p.m.
In the afternoon at 4 p.m. We want to see ALL of you at the botplats no matter if you are going to the formal dinner, the after party or not at all. Everyone is welcome!

Our timeline in the afternoon is VERY tight so it's very important that you show up in time. With that I mean 3.50-4.00!

Tomorrow I going to be a great day, I promise!

According to the weather rapports the weather tomorrow is going to be pretty nice.

Sleep well aliens!


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