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Goddag Aliens!
We have some important information about the nollepub tonight.
~ You HAVE TO wear your nollemarkering or they will not let you in.
~ You will HAVE TO wear your nollemarkering all evening or you will get thrown out.
~ You need your ID to get in.
~ If you get too drunk, you will get thrown out.
~ If you missbehave you will get thrown out.
~ DO NOT touch people in overalls. This is very disrespecting!
~ Please DO NOT smoke inside. (There is an outdoors area on the second floor.)
If you want to go please be on the botplats at 9 p.m. Bring 40kr (has to be even and NO coins).
Tonight the finals in "bothäv" (finish a bottle as fast as you can). You were amongst the third best programs which means you made it to the finals and we are in it to win it!
"We are family and we've got all the aliens with us!"


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