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If you are going to the pubround in city tonight, we meet 15.00 at Botplats
We will give information about tomorrow and Saturday so even if you will not go to pubround you are welcome. There is no chance to pay for the pubround at 15.00 so if you haven't payed you can not participate. 
Nollepub tonight, yeyh!!! 21.00 at Botplats! Please behave! :)
Please bring 40 swedish corns, please no coins. This will be your last Nollepub and you will have the biggest surprice ever at 23.00. 
Tomorrow we will gather at Botplats at 09.00 and together walk to Picasso Park. There you will build a boxcar and also a raft, a boat that can float. At 16.00 we will compete with all other programs in a boxcar race at Stora Torg, the big square in city. We will have lunch for you. 
On Saturday we will gather at Botplats 09.00 and together walk to Picasso Park. We will give you breakfast and later you are going to compete with all other programs in a race with your raft. 
There are still some tickets left for the formal dinner and the after party. Hurry up guys! 
After the race on saturday we will meet in school at 16.00 and even if you don't have tickets we would love to see you there! It is the final mandatory thing we will do and maybe you can see us without wig and overall. 
Bus to Tylösand is included in the formal dinner ticket. For you who just are going to after party you can go by taxi (around 300 swedish crowns/car) or by bus.
Taxi phonenumber: +4635 12 34 56 or +4635 21 80 00
Bus nr30 22.10 from Österskans, arrives 22.34 at Tylösand
Bus nr30 22.40 from Österskans, arrives 23.04 at Tylösand 

Buses home from Tylösand to Österskans
The bus takes 20-30 minutes and costs about 50 swedish crowns and you can only pay by text message on your mobile or creditcard. 

xoxo /x-change Headcrew 


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