Important info about the formal dinner on Saturday

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Good evening aliens!
Thanks for a great day. Some or a few of you showed up this morning for Swedish hour. I hope you learned some new Swedish words at least. After the break more of you showed up and helped us do very well in the relays. It took us all the way to the semifinals again. You did a really good job, especially for playing ghost ball for the first time.
Your friend Talal showed up in an orange suit and as a real alien. He told you that he is not really an exchange student. He's one of the crew members. The most of the things hes said about himself is true but the fact that he's an exchange student. The reason he's been on your side is because we want to make sure that you all are happy and pleased with your nollning. He could see and hear thing that we could not. Every program has at least one "fake student" in their group. He is still with us but is going to walk around in one of our white suits. If you have any questions about this or him, please don't hesitate to ask them. We are here for YOU!
About the formal dinner;
Appetizer; Bite size tapas
Main course; Corn chicken with a potato cake
Dessert; Brownie and Coffee
(A vegetarian option may be provided if needed. Please let us know this when you sign up for the dinner.)
You will get two drinking tickets and free entrance to the "party". The party is running until 3 a.m.
The dinner is going to be held at Hotel Tylösand. Its said to be one of the most beautiful hotels in Sweden. Hotel Tylösand is located about 10 km from downtown. There will be buses for you who wants to join the dinner. The buses leaves from the school at 6 p.m. However you will need to show up earlier than that. Please check the schedule for more information.
The price is 420SEK.
If you don't want to join the dinner but you do want to go to the party the tickets are 120SEK. There will not be any buses provided just for us so you will need to get yourself out there. One tips is public transportation. We can help you find the right buss for you if you want!
Schedule for tomorrow, Monday.
10 a.m. Botplatsen for a City tour
3.30 Break
5.30 Botplatsen for Midsummer (with other programs)
The day ends at around 10 p.m.
The weather is supposed to be sunny with a temperature of around 17C.


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