Aliens at the beach!

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When the sun is up, ofcourse you go to the beach! Today we went to beautiful Östra stranden (East beach) and played lots and lots of games and participated in many competitions. And you won all of them (ofcourse) so we are incredibly proud of you! Some of you even got surfing lessons and took a swim in ocean. We hope you enjoyed it. Later that day nobody wanted to play with AP/SVEP and SALP/SUP so they played alone while you where preparing or your first nollepub. We think you are going to have a very very good time!
Tomorrow its sunday and the weather will have a high of 18C and a low of 14C with a little rain and here is the schedule for tomorrow:
10:00 - Botplats for some games
12:00 - Break
13:30 - Botplats and then HSIF at the sport center
After that you will spend the evening with the överkursare. Hopefully you are still enjoying the nollning because we still have a lot of fun stuff planed for you!
Here are some pictures!


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